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Due to merging of Whitemane and Sunwell into project, Balnazzar realm has been replaced by Sindragosa. Release has been delayed and it's going to happen on 13.11.2021. For more details visit Synergie's Discord

About Mograine

Whitemane is a dynamic World of Warcraft private server focused on hosting two realms: Mograine (Wrath of the Lich King) and not yet announced Cataclysm realm. Thanks to years of our experience, we have managed to completely remaster Wrath of the Lich King content and we are proud to announce that this is indeed the best Wrath content available on private servers.

Our realms share the same gameplay style: a dynamic one. That means you will acquire experience and skills significantly faster, allowing you to enter the competitive endgame without repeating the same quests over and over.

Quality of our Wrath of the Lich King lets us host PvE tournaments, which never happened before on truthfully working raids. Thanks to our advanced scripting, PvP tournaments will also take place, which will attract top Wrath PvP players. Each tournament will have a really attractive cash prize pool, topping at even 10.000 US Dollars.

MOGRAINE [Trailer] [Feature Trailer] [Review by MetaGoblin] [Review by dodgykebaab] [Review by Warlord Xecc]

This dynamic Wrath of the Lich King realm has all T7 raids open from the beginning. Tier 7 content, however, will be shorter and Ulduar content will be extended. Same as Tier 9 content, which will be shorter, to jump into balanced T10 even faster.

XP Rate: x7 (XP Boost as service in the store increasing multipler to x14 available after 72h of Realm First, Level Boost in the future)

Profession Rate: x3 (until 375, x1 after 375)

Reputation Rate: x3 (for pre-Wrath factions, x1 for Wrath factions)

Drop Rate: x3 (only outdoor in Vanilla and TBC locations; x1 drop rate for outdoor Wrath locations)

Leveling utilities: spells learned automatically; weapon skills maxed every level.

Mograine Features

Racial Shift: change your racial abilities to the ones of a different race. Thanks to this feature, you can talk to a special NPC (Dalaran: in the center) to change your racial set of abilities to a race that you can share your class with. A limit applies: the Horde cannot select Human and Draenei racials. There is a limit of one Shift per character, unless you change your race.

Spell Auto-Learning: go with the flow! Experience true x5 Rates without the need to visit your class trainer every 10 minutes. All class spells, including spells from quests (such as Warrior stances), are now learned automatically. This doesn’t include class mounts.

Hybrid Solo Queue: create an arena team (2v2 or 3v3) and queue up for the battles alone! The solo teams consist of: 1x DPS 1x Healer or 2x DPS (2v2), 2x DPS and 1x Healer (3v3).

Linked Auction House: the Auction House is linked between the Horde and the Alliance.

PvP Tournaments: once in a while, PvP Tournaments with cash prizes are gonna be organized. Stay tuned!

PvE Tournaments: raid speedruns? Why not! Stay tuned.

Shared Quest Items: all quest items are now party-shared! You and your friends can both acquire quest items from a single mob, no more limited to unique items.

PvP Titles: get Honor Kills and get awarded with vanilla PvP titles! Earn Grand Marshall or Warlord and wreak havoc.

Random Heroic Item Level: item level required to queue for Random Heroic is reduced to 160 item level.

Transmogrification: buy a transmogrification token and change the appearance of your items!

T7 Realm First Adjustments: Obsidian Slayer is being awarded for killing OS25 3D. Naxxramas realm first is awarded only when your raid doesn’t wipe on a boss fight.

Season 8 Adjustments: Shadowmourne proc and Ruby Sanctum items are disabled in Arenas.

Dynamic Respawn: all creatures and quest objects respawn based on a number of people in a certain area.

Taxi Everywhere: after Realm Firsts, every character will automatically learn all Flight Pathes!

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