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Due to merging of Whitemane and Sunwell into project, Balnazzar realm has been replaced by Sindragosa. Release has been delayed and it's going to happen on 13.11.2021. For more details visit Synergie's Discord

Answer the call of the Argent Crusade!

May 23, 2021 at 6:41 am by Whitemane

Greetings Crusaders!

We are officially announcing the next phase of content!

3.06.21 (June 3rd)

• Argent Tournament Grounds
• Trial of the Champion 5 man dungeon
• PvP Season 6 finish

10.06.21 (June 10th)

• Trial of the Crusader raid
• Onyxia's Lair
• PvP Season 7 starts
• Koralon The Flame Watcher(VoA)
• Epic Gems

Remember, the next content patch's release shall include Trial of the Crusader raid(Both Normal and Heroic), Onyxia's Lair, the new 5 man dungeon Trial Of The Champion, Koralon from Vault of Archavon along with the new tier sets, vendors, emblems and the start of the new PvP Season. Both Trial of the Crusader and Trial of the Grand Crusader will be blizzlike difficulty with slightly increased loot from Heroic version.

The time of the Argent now!

Kind regards,
Whitemane Staff.

Secrets of Ulduar

March 24, 2021 at 2:05 pm by Whitemane

Greetings, Crusaders.

Today is the day you've been long waiting for: Whitemane gets 3.1 patch update, Secrets of Ulduar!

What does that mean? What are the changes? The 3.1 patch brings a few changes and opens Arena Season 6 as well as Ulduar. On Whitemane, the latter is in pre-nerf version to bring a bigger challenge and more fun.

What changes are there?

• Season 6 introduction and PvP Vendor update. [7pm ST]
• Ulduar introduction. [7pm ST]
• Vault of Archavon: Emalon is here!
• Next phase in Argent Tournament.
• Jewelcrafting: Stormjewel has been added.
• Emblem update: bosses that dropped EoH will now drop Emblem of Valor instead; vendors are updated too.
• Love is in the Air: you can wear the necks now. After realm restart, delete Cache if you have problems with that.
• Naxxramas: you may enter Frostwing Halls without defeating prior bosses.

As you see, there's a few changes. You can also check the changelog for more changes regarding specific Ulduar bosses. However, due to the large number of Hard Mode changes, the more difficult version of bosses won't be available in the first week (25-Man version of Hard Modes, 10-Man HM is available from release). Why is that? We want to give you the best Ulduar possible, we're working day and night for weeks and our changes regarding the Hard Modes have now crossed the number of 200. And that's for 25-Man only.
To bring the highest Hard Mode quality and due to the fact that many of the spells require custom code for the client to handle it (which limits us), it will be available the next week after more testing on the closed Development realm.

So, today you get pre-nerf Ulduar 10+10HM+25M (without HM, HM loot is unavailable).

We hope you're gonna be content of our hard work we've put in scripting Ulduar and that experience will be among of the best ones.

Kind regards,
Whitemane Staff.

Weekend with Sally

March 12, 2021 at 2:58 pm by Whitemane

it's time to spend a... Weekend with Sally.
We're increasing XP (x14 and x28 with rapid XP), Honor (+100%) and Reputation (+50%) until Sunday, 11:59pm. After the restart you'll be able to use .qarena command to queue for arena whenever you are.

Kind regards,
Whitemane Staff.

Activity Rewards

March 12, 2021 at 01:48 am by Whitemane

We'd like to announce that tomorrow we are enabling Scarlet Badges. What are they? Scarlet Badges is an activity reward for certain in-game tasks. You will gather them as you venture into dungeons, fight in arenas or defeat raid bosses. What are they for? Scarlet Badges can be converted to Scarlet Points! The best thing is that you can't farm Scarlet Badges, they come naturally as you play the game. That means you can either buy store items without spending anything (even before the Market is live), or if you are a few coins short of an item you want, you can get these coins using Scarlet Badges!

This is a replacement for Gladiator Coins. All Gladiator Coins will be converted to Scarlet Badges with 1:1 ratio.

Activities and rewards:

• 2v2 Arena Win: 5x Scarlet Badge
• 3v3 Arena Win: 10x Scarlet Badge
• Solo Queue Arena Win: 5x Scarlet Badge
• Any Arena Loss: 2x Scarlet Badge

• Battleground Win: 8x Scarlet Badge
• Battleground Loss: 2x Scarlet Badge

Heroic Dungeons
• Dungeon Tanking: 10x Scarlet Badge
• Dungeon Healing: 7x Scarlet Badge
• Dungeon DPSing: 2x Scarlet Badge

• 10-Man Boss Kill: 2x Scarlet Badge
• 25-Man Boss Kill: 3x Scarlet Badge

Conversion ratio: 25x Badge -> 1x Coin (which means you can buy 36-slot bag after you convert 250 Scarlet Badges to Scarlet Coins!)

We hope that these rewards are going to increase some activity even of the highest geared people, so there are more battlegrounds, arenas and dungeons played every day. Let's hope it also helps with tanking on RHC!

We can always change and adjust these points, but before we do that, we are going to announce it.

Kind regards,
Whitemane Staff.

Spring is Coming!

March 10, 2021 at 11:48 am by Whitemane

It was somewhat a secret what Fairbanks is, but now we can share some secrets.
Fairbanks is a x7 vanilla realm that will be hosted under Whitemane. We will announce more information about it in the following weeks. It launches this July and will feature quicker progression path.

Don't worry, our Cataclysm development is independent of vanilla and it's not going to be slowed down.

...and now, back to Mograine!

New Artifact Transmogrification is available in the Store.
• Some store prices were adjusted, Profession Token has been reintroduced with a changed price to limit amount of players to use it, as per request.
x14 Experience Boost is LIVE - with your burning urge to level up, we're enabling XP boost for 24h (scales with Rapid XP to x28), until tomorrow, 11am.
Instant 80 has been discounted by 20% for 24 hours.
• New Transmog Week: Black Temple!
• Arena Season: it ends on 17th March 11:00 (the last arena flush). The players will have 7 days (until next season launch) to spend their remaining AP and Honor Points.

Kind regards,
Whitemane Staff.

XP Weekend.

March 5, 2021 at 12:24 pm by Whitemane

We are happy to announce that this weekend is XP event weekendTM! From the time this announcement is posted until Sunday 23:59 ST, XP gain is doubled, aka 14x. This of course stacks with store XP bonus. Also, we have decided to add +50% Honour gain until Sunday 23:59 ST. Have fun!

Kind regards,
Whitemane Staff.

Weekly Update.

March 3, 2021 at 06:24 pm by Whitemane

For this week’s Wednesday announcement, we have done a few changes and added some new highly requested features we think all of you will like.

• Proof of Demise quests will now autocomplete once you kill the daily boss! You won’t have to loot anything.
• Alterac Valley and Strand Of the Ancients are back! We have fixed some of the major issues with them, and we are rereleasing them confident you guys will enjoy their quality more.
• We have decided to enable a requirement to que SoloQ. We have been getting a lot of complaints about people getting matched up or against players who are not geared enough to use this feature, and we are listening. In order to que SoloQ now, you will need 400 resilience.
• You can now toggle if you want to see the PvP Queue Announcer or not! It is enabled by default. If you wish to disable seeing it, you need to type .pvp ingame. You can get it back by using the same command.
• The Naxxramas and Eye of Eternity nerfs we talked about last week are implemented now! If you wish to see nerfed values, you can scroll up. We will closely monitor how our playerbase will accept these nerfs.
• Eye of Eternity quest is now lootable by multiple people, not only one player. If you have the quest for the Heart of Magic, after you kill Malygos on the appropriate difficulty, your quest will auto complete.
• We would like the rest of you to join our discussion about Ulduar. Staff will be hosting a VC with all of the guild masters who want to join and voice their opinion this week, on Saturday at 19:00 CET. We value your ideas, your concerns and your wishes about Ulduar and strive to make it as good as it can be for you, our players. [Whitemane Ulduar Discord]

You can now purchase Instant Level 80 from our store for 50 Scarlet Coins!
We are also happy to announce that 36 slot bag’s cost is now reduced from 15 to 10 Scarlet Coins!

And lastly... our first Transmog week raid is Sunwell Plateu! Venture into the ancient kingdom of Highborne and defeat Kil’jaeden! Some remarkable loot that has high transmog value is:

• Thori’dal, The Star’s Fury
• Apolyon, The Soul-Render
• Sword Breaker’s Bulwark
And many, many more. Enjoy!

Kind regards,
Whitemane Staff.

Ulduar, Cataclysm and Experience Event!

February 26, 2021 at 05:15 pm by Whitemane

Chag Purim Sameach! In honor of the Jewish holiday today, Purim, we have decided to announce the following:

Double XP Rate (stacks w/ store), +50% Honour Rate (3x total), and +50% Reputation Rate (1.5x total) are now active from the time of this announcement being posted to Monday the 1st of March, 23:59ST.

We are happy to announce that development of our Cataclysm realm is coming together perfectly. We have decided to give a sneak peek of our plans.

Our Cataclysm Herod realm will be released on 3rd of September, 2021!

We will open our Cataclysm PTR to all players, a week after Ulduar release. We will be posting a timeline for our PTE Cataclysm realm (Herod) very, very soon. We think our playerbase will love to see how well our Cataclysm realm is coming along.

We want our Ulduar to be flawless. We care to create raid content that all players can enjoy. Because of this, we are happy to invite you to a separate Discord server we have created specifically for Ulduar. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback and ideas on tuning, buffing and nerfing bosses in T8. All raiding guilds, both casual and hardcore, are welcome here.

You all know about our large, cash prize tournament coming in the future. But we think there should be smaller events until then. Because of this, we will now have PVP tournaments at the end of every season. We will discuss the details of these, including their rewards, in a future announcement.

Speaking of our large PVP tournament, with a 10,000 USD prize pool - this event will happen in May or June (Depending on progress of Cataclysm development).

We want to make day-to-day PVP more fun for players. To accomplish this, we will be creating both daily and weekly arena quests. This is something that has been frequently requested by the community, and we think it is a great idea! More info to come about this in a future announcement.

Finally, to make Arena matches interesting, we will be introducing an Arena Currency that is gained from arena wins or losses. As you earn these points, you will be able to redeem them in our store for exclusive transmog season gear. We will be implementing this feature this weekend, keep an eye out for an announcement regarding this!

Kind regards,
Whitemane Staff.

A new Update Pack and Experience Event!

February 5, 2021 at 07:40 am by Whitemane

We have delayed the launch of our vanity/service store a week or two. We're not desperate for funding and can continue to run this project comfortably without donations. However, we understand many of you really wanted the store to come out in order to use the 10x boost. Because this is not an option for you, we have decided to enable 10x leveling rates this entire weekend.

x10 Experience is live now!

We have also received a lot of mixed reception about crossfaction chat in public and world channels.

Here is our solution:
• All public channels are no longer crossfaction. This includes General and Trade channels in locations such as Wintergrasp.
• /world and /nsfw will remain crossfaction.
• Two new "faction specific" world channels have been created: /alliance and /horde

Please note all public channels are moderated. The only channel that is free of moderation is /nsfw.

We will be rolling out a few additional chat updates in the days to come.

Kind regards,
Whitemane Staff.

Naxxramas is out!

February 4, 2021 at 08:03 am by Whitemane

Naxxramas is out and it's already cleared! Even though our 25 Man version was extremely buffed, a guild named holydefender pug managed to clear it in less than 4 hours. That's just Naxxramas thing, isn't it?

Racial Shift NPC has been added to Dalaran and you can change your set of racials. It cannot be reverted, so make sure you're not making any mistakes!
Remember that our weekly reset is scheduled every Wednesday, 11am Realm Time.

Kind regards,
Whitemane Staff.

Free Experience Event!

January 27, 2021 at 07:50 am by Whitemane

Whitemane, the World's Best Crash Simulator of 2021, would like to apologize for the recent crashes these past few days, from the bottom of its heart. You have lost some precious time due to the crashes and downtime, and because of that, we are launching a free x10 Experience Event from now until Sunday, the 31st of January, 11:59PM Server Time. We hope this will quench your thirst for gaming.

These few hours of crashes were really frustrating; logging in, getting disconnected, logging in again... but we have fixed these issues with very little downtime. In the first three days of Mograine's birth, we have:

• Completely rewrote our anticheat system from scratch
• Fixed over 105 bugs
• Banned over 500 hackers/bots/gold sellers (approximately 7 per hour)
• Won 4 wowservers world records

We are a new project, and as we continue to improve and create a polished server, we sometimes hit roadbumps and issues. The result is long days, long nights, and very little sleep, but we won't rest until we iron out these issues and make a server enjoyable for everyone.

One of our highest priority issues right now is overhauling our gold spammer protection- to be honest, we were expecting a smaller turnout, and were surprised to hit 5,000 player peaks concurrently every day since launch. As the server increases in population, so has the frequency of gold spamming bots. We will deal with this issue aggressively and swiftly, both by improving our detection system, and bringing on more Game Masters.

We have made a lot of progress in these few days, but we believe you deserve even better, and we will deliver.

Finally, we would like to thank our supporters and fans for awarding us with the World's Best Crash Simulator 2021 award, the World's Best Private Server 2021 award, the World's Fastest Bugfixing 2021 award, and the World's Least Sleep 2021 award. We couldn't have done it without you!

And this is just the beginning.

Whitemane wins the Best Private Server Award!

January 25, 2021 at 00:50 am by Whitemane

We are very happy to receive the Best Private Server Award 2021 from r/wowservers! With no competition and their immeasurable help with reporting some of realm issues we have won the most prestigious Gaming Award. We are not stopping here, we will continue to bring the best possible experience and fastest development and support for our players and all of wowservers community. Thank you!

Mograine is online!

January 24, 2021 at 03:59 am by Whitemane

The wait is over. Mograine has launched! Our Wrath of the Lich King realm peaked at around 5400 online, we have fixed a lot of day-0 issues and crashes. We weren't expecting so many people, but we were prepared for that. The next stop is Naxxramas that launches on 3rd February, along with the vanity shop and Racial Shift. As we are polishing out all the details of the upcoming content and fixing the issues that pop up, we monitor the faction balance and player feedback.

We will continue our work to bring you the most satisfying Wrath of the Lich King content.

Kind regards,
Whitemane Staff.

Second Beta Wave is Coming!

December 1, 2020 at 05:59 pm by Whitemane

We have done further optimizations and solved issues found in the first beta wave and now we can move on to the second one. We would like to announce that the second beta wave of Whitemane’s Wrath of the Lich King realm, Mograine, starts on 10th December and will last two weeks (10.12 – 24.12).

Again, players will be able to find an in-game mall with all items necessary to check out all the raids. The full Wrath of the Lich King content will be open on the beta realm, from Naxxramas to Ruby Sanctum.

We’d also like to thank all the people that took their part in our first beta: for their commitment and all bugs they have reported.

Kind regards,
Whitemane Staff.

Whitemane reviewed by MetaGoblin.

November 21, 2020 at 06:31 pm by Whitemane

MetaGoblin is a popular World of Warcraft YouTuber who has benefitted from Whitemane sponsorship! He was given access to our development realm and he reviewed the server as he wished to. We like to give content creators all the freedom in choosing what to show and we don't intervene, that's why these reviews help the players and help us to tailor the best gaming experience.

Now, let's hear what Charlie has to say!

Wrath of the Lich King 12th Anniversary!

November 14, 2020 at 01:21 pm by Whitemane

Today marks the 12th Anniversary of Wrath of the Lich King launch, that's why we have some good news for you.

Timeline for Mograine, our Wrath of the Lich King realm, has been created. What can you expect? As we promised, short Tier 7. Nobody likes Naxxramas, so we shortened that content to last 7 weeks. It's coming 5 days after realm launch. In the second week of Tier 7, Obsidian Sanctum is going to be open and in the third week, The Eye of Eternity. All these raids are going to have their 25-Man difficulty increased and drop rates adjusted.

Ulduar is very long, pre-nerf and the difficulty is additionally increased on 25-Man version.

Trial of the Crusader content will last 7 weeks, just like T7, with drop rates increased accordingly. Difficulty is increased slightly on 10-Man Heroic and greatly on 25-Man Heroic.

Both T7 and T9 content will have their season's PvP item cost reduced by 30% (only Arena Point cost).

Icecrown Citadel's 10-Man Heroic version is going to be buffed, but 25-Man Heroic is going to be extremely hard. Ruby Sanctum will probably have no changes.

If you want to see exact dates, please visit our About section to learn more about Mograine's timeline.

Dodgykebaab, a popular World of Warcraft YouTuber, took advantage of our sponsorship and reviewed our Wrath of the Lich King realm. It's still in beta, but as you can see, the quality is very high (which you have already seen on the PTR). We are very happy that he agreed to work with us on the video: we have provided all the tools he needed, and we let him test anything he wanted. It wasn't directed by us and we had no contribution in creating his script. This is our third sponsored video. The first video we have sponsored was overview by Big Musk, which you can view Here. The second was a review made by Xecc, which is really fun and you can watch it Here. Dodgykebaab is the third one to make a video for us, with the fourth video coming soon! We are anticipating a nice influx of players.

Public Test Realm is going to be closed tomorrow. We are fixing all the reported bugs rapidly and we don't expect anything big coming up regarding our core. The quality is already very high, but we're going higher than that. We have fixed some exploits that could be used against us and we have received numerous threats to "kill" our launch. That was expected and we will be prepared.

Another round of Public Testing will happen somewhere in December and we hope that you are going to help us populating our BugTracker!

Kind regards,
Whitemane Staff.

Development Update.

October 31, 2020 at 04:11 pm by Whitemane

Whitemane development is going forward really quickly.

We have performed even more closed tests to PvP and level 80 raids and we are very happy, because we can safely say that our raids are the best WotLK raids available on any private server.

Our "About" section has been blessed with more valuable information about Mograine, our Wrath of the Lich King realm. Adverts are going strong on social media platforms and YouTube.

We have sponsored a video of Xecc, who previews our realm. You can watch it [Here].

What's even better, our PTR and registration opens 7th November so you can see the quality we like to brag about with your very eyes. If you want to see all videos and other media related to Whitemane, check our Media section on the website.

Thank you for your support and see you on the PTR!

Wrath you have been waiting for.

August 18, 2020 at 12:29 am by Whitemane

Whitemane is a server developed by a few men across the years.

We start with the Mograine realm, based on Wrath of the Lich King. The codebase has been developed by experienced programmers, coming from many servers and nationalities. Code we developed can be found nearly on every major private server.

Gameplay is the most important aspect to us. We need to provide the highest quality and great replayability, adapting to the modern players. This has fruited with increased Experience rates - the cornerstone of Whitemane.

Whitemane is going to offer raids and dungeons of highest quality and a real, competitive PvP with real prizes and interesting systems, such as solo queue.

Join us as the last layers of Wrath of the Lich King are being laid down and the footing of Cataclysm is being prepared.